Saturday, August 21, 2010

Favorite Breastfeeding Book and Website

When I was eight months pregnant I was so nervous and fearful. Not of the actual birth, but of not being able to BF. For some awful reason when you are pregnant everyone wants to tell you their horror story. This goes for the whole experience... You hear horror stories like...I was sick for the entire pregnancy, the never ending labor, the delivery from hell, it took 16 weeks to walk normally, the countless sleepless nights that are approaching, the endless crying you will endure, the pain of breastfeeding and the I was unable to breastfeed.

For me the BFing was the most worrisome. I really, really, wanted to be able to do it. I have always wanted to be a mom, even as a child I have pictures of me pretending to BF a doll.
Check it out wasn't I cute!?! My biggest fear was not producing enough milk. I was told so many stories of women who did not produce enough milk. I was even told of my Great-Grandmother who in Cuba did not produce enough milk for my Grandfather. The family had to buy a goat for him. And then he ended being allergic to the goat milk so they had hire a wet nurse. Talk about crazy! I was also told, because I was well endowed that the baby might not be able to get the milk to come down. I was seriously petrified of not being able to feed my child. Well ladies don't listen to a single negative story! That would be my biggest piece of advice. I ended up producing  more then enough milk for my son and so much that we had to buy a deep freezer. Read about that later.

Helping a Fellow BFing Mom...

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On Monday, I got a text message in the early afternoon saying that ~T~ with was having a hard time with BFing and could I help her out??? I had never met ~T~ and normally you would think it would be weird to go and help someone you don't know with something so personal. But, as soon as I got that text message I wanted to go and help her. I felt compelled to help.

In my New Moms' Group we were talking about BFing and how hard it is in the beginning. Someone mentioned that in villages in underdeveloped countries, moms with older babies would go to visit the new moms and show them how to BF. They did this by giving the new mom an older baby to practice nursing with, so that she would learn how to do it.  In turn the experienced mom would then nurse the newborn to teach the newborn how to nurse properly. I know that sounds quite odd, a little crazy, and some might say gross. You have to remember, in those areas if the mothers are unable to nurse, the babies may not survive. They don't have readily available formula. So really it's a very beautiful thing that they are willing to help each other care for their babies. That is not what we were going to do, but I wanted to be a support and to help her in anyway I could. After all, someone did that for me. A good friend ~J~ came over with her 7 month old daughter a day or two after I got home from the hospital. She helped me with positioning, getting the baby to latch properly, and most of all she was very supportive!

Thursday, August 19, 2010

Why write about Breastfeeding???

This is all kind of new to me, Blogging, Breastfeeding (BFing), Being a Mom.  Soooo...  I have decided to start blogging about my breastfeeding experience and about being a new mom.  Anything baby will be fair game here, anything Mommy and maybe even anything Daddy too...  The name Boobie Time comes from what I say to my son every time he needs to eat... It's not Breakfast time, Lunch time, or Dinner Time... "IT'S BOOBIE TIME!!!

My son, ~BPB~ is almost four months old and he's my world.  He's a happy, healthy, adorable, and I count my blessings everyday.  I love every minute with him.  What prompted me to start writing about it now, was recently a friend asked me to help her friend (who I didn't know) with BFing and after helping her I just wanted a place to give support to moms everywhere... Someone suggested I start blogging about it...  Soooo... here I am today typing about it!  Maybe we will even get some discussion going!  Comments, suggestion, and feedback are all welcomed!