Monday, January 9, 2012

What Nursing in Public REALLY Looks Like

There is a HUGE  misconception that nursing in public is indecent and women are exposing themselves just because they can. But as nursing moms we have no more interest in showing you our breast as you do in seeing them. These are pictures of real moms nursing in public. 

Are they indecent? Exposing themselves? Flashing the world?  I don't believe so.

They are simply feeding their babies the way nature intended. 

Thank you to all the moms who shared their beautiful pictures.

Me and ~B~ nursing on a walk in a Baby K'Tan Carrier.

Amanda and Lilyanna

Mom Amanda and Baby Lilyana enjoying lunch at a local Houston Chinese Restaurant.

Hobo Mama

Lauren Wayne, AKA Hobo Mama nursing her little guy on a bench at the Navy Pier in Chicago.

Melissa and Annabelle

Mom blogger Melissa from Vibrant Wanderings nursing Annabelle during a hike in a Beco Carrier.

Jessica and Journey

Mom Jessica and Baby Journey nursing at the April 2011 great cloth diaper change in Kingsland, GA at the 'Rest and Breast Tent'.

Stefanie at Mile 10!

Stefanie nursing her then 6-month-old just after mile 10 of her first half marathon. A few women ran by yelling "Now that is just awesome!"  
(We agree!)

Holly and Weston

Holly and Weston take a brake for a snack while Christmas shopping at Kohl's.

Kenna Lyn

Kenna Lyn walking around nursing her little one at the Target Nurse-In in Webster, TX.

Diary of a First Child

Luschka of Dairy of a First Child  shares a picture from London's Flash Mob.

The Artful Mama

Little Man nursing on a Manatee Tour Boat in Florida with mom Shannon, The Artful Mama.

Jodine at her wedding.

Jodine, nursing at her wedding reception with an organza sling.

True Confessions of a Real Mommy

Jennifer of True Confessions of a Real Mommy, shares L2 taking in the sun and a nice drink at Huntington Beach, CA.

Hybrid Rasta Mama

Jeniffer of Hybrid Rasta Mama shares, I took this picture so I could remember how Tiny would demand “milkies” as soon as we were walking along a super busy street on the way home from a park. Usually I could distract her long enough to get someplace safer but on this particular day, she wasn’t having any sort of delay. Ha! This is my view as I am sitting in Tiny’s stroller on the side of the road watching oodles of cars roll on by!

Our Crazy Corner of the World

Kymberlee of Our Crazy Corner of the World, takes a few minutes to nurse her little one at Steele Creek Park, TN.

Code Name: Mama

Dionna of Code Name: Mama, takes time out of hiking to stop and nurse Kieran along the trail.

Progressive Parenting

Gena Kirby of Progressive Parenting, nursing at Target in Fresno, CA. She looks like part of the display. (Maybe that's what Target needs.)


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    1. If you would like me to add a pic email me at boobietimeblog{at} include your caption and any link you would like me to add!

  2. These are great. Unfortunately there ARE women who for whatever reason are more bent on breasts being allowed in public than they are on simply feeding their children. I am so tired of seeing pics on the internet that are supposed to make nursing more acceptable where the entire breast is literally hanging out of the shirt. There is no need. It is entirely possible to be completely discreet without leaving the room or even using a covering as many of these women show. Excellent. This is what nursing in public really looks like.

    1. I think for the most part women are discreet. The ultimate goal is to normalize nursing in public and educate people that it is ok to see a woman nursing in public and if you do see some breast that's ok too because breast were designed to feed babies.

  3. Beautiful!

    My husband and I do a yearly project locally (Southern VT).

    Here is the culmination of last year's project:

  4. I love that you took the time to put these up! Thanks for including me. It was delightful to see on the same day that Facebook disabled my account for sharing breastfeeding photos.

    1. I love your pic is so beautiful! Thank you for sharing it!

  5. These are so beautiful — I'm honored to be included! Thanks for showing what breastfeeding in public looks like. :)

  6. This is great. After 12 months of breastfeeding I've been really surprised at how opinionated people can be and how many say - "I just don't like those mothers who just flaunt it for everyone to see." And I say - have you really seen a lot of that? Most moms want to create the closest, quietest setting possible for their baby to eat - and even if they're not covered - I think it's pretty difficult to see anything but mom and baby snuggling. What are you seeing that's so objectionable? This is a nice collection of real women in real situations just doing what comes naturally!

  7. I love this post!! I want to see more Mothers have the courage to nurse there babies in public! Oh and it's amazing not in one picture did I see one boob!

    1. That is way we are working so hard to help normalize nursing in public. Thank you!

  8. Isn't it interesting that feeding and nurturing children the same way its been done for 1000s of generations, and how it is usually done in many places throughout the world still, is viewed as "bold" and "progressive"! I am sure that when formula and bottles first became highly touted, THAT was considered the bold and progressive change. We have forgotten our roots -- just think of the word "nurse-maid" and how different it means now compared to 100 years ago.

    1. You would think that after all those years it would be that simple! Thank you!

  9. Check out this hard-hitting derby girl breastfeeding in public (I have a similar picture of myself, but it's on a computer that is out of commission at the moment). I do have a pic of myself feeding in viking clothes if you want to see how women did it 1000 years ago.

    1. I LOVE THAT PIC! I saw it floating around FB! It's great!

  10. These are fantastic. I am currently breastfeeding baby number 2 (8 months and going strong); so different from the first time around when I was so shy and used to go sit in a hot car instead of enjoying my coffee in the sunshine as my baby had a feed. Not this time! I agree with most of the comments above - how silly are these arguments that some nursing mothers are trying to "put it out there." I have dozens of friends who are / have been breastfeeding and I don't know a single person who has tried to "flaunt" their breasts as they feed, simply because feeding is NOT a sexual act. However, I also feel that women shouldn't feel overly pressured to cover up too much. My daughter doesn't like having a blanket over her face while she's feeding, and I wouldn't either when it's a hot day (I live in Australia and it's summer here right now). Why should she suffer under a hot blanket just because some prude at the next table has a problem with seeing my breast used for its natural function??

  11. I stumbled upon your blog and I think this post is wonderful. I am not a breastfeeding mom and have been discriminated for not breastfeeding. I think it is up to the woman to decide on how to feed her baby. I love that you show how breastfeeding is and should be. Not stiffled under a blanket but also not flaunted. Part of the reason I chose not to breastfeed was because on several occasions while at work or shopping I saw many women "flaunt" it. Although I do not know if that was their true intentions it made me feel uncomfortable and I felt as if they were not trying to make it special between them and their child. I think breastfeeding is a beautiful thing and these pictures clearly show what breastfeeding clearly looks like :)

  12. It would be nice to be able to feed Abby in public. I am so worried about it that I don't leave the house as much as I would like and we spend too much time indoors. Not healthy.

    1. OH Hun, you should. Try to set up and plan on doing it. Have someone with you as support wear a shirt that you know you are comfortable nursing in. Know the place you are going to be nursing in so you will be comfortable going there. Once you see its easy you will feel more comfortable.

  13. Keep up the good work, ladies! But please drop the "nursing" tag and call it what it is- breastfeeding. I believe that 'discreetly' calling it nursing is adding to the problem that some of society is uncomfortable with the act of breastfeeding. I am Australian and I have noticed US citizens speaking a lot about breastfeeding being socially unacceptable, I have not found that to be the case here in Australia. I have breastfed in many public places without noticing any bad reaction, subtle or otherwise. We do not label it nursing either, to nurse a baby means to hold it in your arms.


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