Thursday, August 19, 2010

Why write about Breastfeeding???

This is all kind of new to me, Blogging, Breastfeeding (BFing), Being a Mom.  Soooo...  I have decided to start blogging about my breastfeeding experience and about being a new mom.  Anything baby will be fair game here, anything Mommy and maybe even anything Daddy too...  The name Boobie Time comes from what I say to my son every time he needs to eat... It's not Breakfast time, Lunch time, or Dinner Time... "IT'S BOOBIE TIME!!!

My son, ~BPB~ is almost four months old and he's my world.  He's a happy, healthy, adorable, and I count my blessings everyday.  I love every minute with him.  What prompted me to start writing about it now, was recently a friend asked me to help her friend (who I didn't know) with BFing and after helping her I just wanted a place to give support to moms everywhere... Someone suggested I start blogging about it...  Soooo... here I am today typing about it!  Maybe we will even get some discussion going!  Comments, suggestion, and feedback are all welcomed!

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  1. Good luck on your new blog! I am right there with you, girl! Just started my own blog after suggestions from friends and pleas for help with their little ones! Looking forward to your posts!


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