Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Mommy's View

This week it's MOMMY'S VIEW!

Even in these very close up views I can't find anything offensive, can you?
What is it about nursing that has the country in such an uproar?

My ~B~ Heaven in my Arms!

Leslie LaLeche
Leslie LaLeche, shares a photo of her daughter nursing on the Telluride, Colorado Gondola, 10,000ft altitude. She loves that Zolowear ringsling, such a great sling to nurse in!

The Good Letdown

Mother Hen from The Good Letdown and Normalizing Nursing in Public League - NNIPL shares a beautiful moment with her little one!

Elizabeth's Popp

Elizabeth shares a picture of  Poppy, 14 weeks, grinning behind that boobie!

Kitchen Witch

True Confession's of a Real Mommy

Jennifer of True Confession's of a Real Mommy shares her newest addition nursing.

Momma Jorge and Sasha 

Momma Jorge, shares nursing newborn Sasha.

Momma Jorje and Spencer

Newborn Spencer in the NICU with his Momma Jorje.

Dev's Little Isaac
 Dev shares a picture that was deleted by Facebook of her happy little Isaac.

Danielle and Calub

Danielle shares Calub at 3 months old.


Caroline and Malia
Caroline shares baby Malia 4months old and a round the clock nurser. <3

Amy's Little One

Amy shares her little one nursing to sleep.

Desiree and Kylee

Desiree shares Kylee girl nursing at 17months.

Fine and Fair
Joella of Fine and Fair shares a photo by Bella Photo Lacrosse of her little one taking a quick brake.

Tara and Seylah
Tara's sweet 31 month old baby girl Seylah. "I am amazed and blessed to have had a nursing relationship last this long."

Nirvana Birth

Doula Harley of Nirvana Birth, shares her little one nursing!

Progressive Parenting

Gena of Progressive Parenting shares nursing her little one!

Hobo Mama & Mikko

Lauren aka Hobo Mama shares baby Mikko.

Hobo Mama and Alrik

Hobo Mama also shares newborn Alrik learning to nurse.

Amanda and Justin

Amanda shares Justin 22 months nursing!

Brooke and Luke

Brooke shares Luke Preston
23 months nursing.

Amy's Little Connor

Amy shares a photo of Connor 22 months old that was deleted  from Facebook in December 2011.

Pineapples & Artichokes

Shannon of Pineapples & Artichokes shares one of the last times she they nursed.

~Q~ Cyber Doulas

Karli from Curly Hairdo Ideas  
and Cyber Doulas shares ~Q~ nursing.

Jen, Natalie and Millie

Jen shares cuddling with Natalie 4 years while nursing Millie 4 months!

Sarah and Elise

Sarah's almost 2 year old Elise smiling for her Moma!



  1. Beautiful post! There really is nothing like it... gazing down at our beautiful babes at the breast. Melts the heart.

  2. What if breasts themselves weren't considered indecent? Imagine that.

  3. Beautiful them :) Proud to be included!

    ~elizabeth and poppy

  4. These are all so precious! Thanks for putting this together Lani, it's a beautiful collection of photos!

  5. I love it thank you so much for including us.
    Danielle and Calub

  6. :) These are truly nature at it's best. So glad I could be a part of it. <3

  7. What I love most about these pics is all of the kids have a twinkle in their eye... It's more then just a cute pic it the peace that has washed over them... Like they are in heaven!

  8. I was just nursing my 12 month old daughter and thinking the same thing: there is nothing like that view!
    So far, I have yet to snap a photo of her nursing and I have no photos of my boys nursing :( I have a video clip of my daughter nursing at about 6 weeks of age, although she was born at 32 weeks, so she is still very small - her head is smaller than my breast!

    1. Make sure you take a pic! you will want them later! :) Thank you!

  9. Thanks so much for stopping by my blog and leaving a comment on my Breastfeeding on Sesame Street post. I wrote a post today with the link to your original post as well as a link to the petition!

    This is such a beautiful post, thank you so much for sharing all these pictures!

  10. awww, I love these, I just took a photo yesterday of my sweet baby nursing from my POV because I just never wanted to forget her sweet downy head like that ♥


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