Saturday, August 21, 2010

Favorite Breastfeeding Book and Website

When I was eight months pregnant I was so nervous and fearful. Not of the actual birth, but of not being able to BF. For some awful reason when you are pregnant everyone wants to tell you their horror story. This goes for the whole experience... You hear horror stories like...I was sick for the entire pregnancy, the never ending labor, the delivery from hell, it took 16 weeks to walk normally, the countless sleepless nights that are approaching, the endless crying you will endure, the pain of breastfeeding and the I was unable to breastfeed.

For me the BFing was the most worrisome. I really, really, wanted to be able to do it. I have always wanted to be a mom, even as a child I have pictures of me pretending to BF a doll.
Check it out wasn't I cute!?! My biggest fear was not producing enough milk. I was told so many stories of women who did not produce enough milk. I was even told of my Great-Grandmother who in Cuba did not produce enough milk for my Grandfather. The family had to buy a goat for him. And then he ended being allergic to the goat milk so they had hire a wet nurse. Talk about crazy! I was also told, because I was well endowed that the baby might not be able to get the milk to come down. I was seriously petrified of not being able to feed my child. Well ladies don't listen to a single negative story! That would be my biggest piece of advice. I ended up producing  more then enough milk for my son and so much that we had to buy a deep freezer. Read about that later.

I wanted to be prepared for every possible BFing problem. So I searched and searched the Internet looking for the ULTIMATE BFing guide book. There are so many I didn't know how to pick one. I wanted the one that would have all the answers!  Fortunately, my friend ~J~ came to my rescue! She told me about Dr. Jack Newman and his amazing website. I immediately checked it out! It is a great website. There are videos, steps to take to correct problems, and you can email him your questions... I had to get his book Dr. Jack Newman's Guide to Breastfeeding. As soon as I got it I read it just about cover to cover. I finally felt armed and ready to succeed in BFing.

In my opinion this is the best book to get and his website has a plethora of information.  

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  1. What a heart throbbing story! How was your grandfather after that goat milking? Do he still have the allergy?

    I love this blog. It is very informative and my wife really appreciates it.


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